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NYS Elite 7on7 Rules

"It was a ton of fun and everyone learned a lot.  This is the first time I have ever seen this done at this level.  It will be noticed in the fall that the kids who played every Sunday, will be far ahead of the kids that did not.  The atmosphere was positive and all the kids learned the right way on how to play the passing game.  This Is a great idea, not too short, not too long.  Dave, thanks for the leadership in your role, you are a tremendous teacher and coach." -Peter McCabe, High School Football Official
Rules:  (Click on Download for pdf of rules)

MOUTH PIECES: It is highly recommend that mouth pieces be worn!
  • No team will be allowed to participate without shirts.
  • Game jerseys, t-shirts, underarmour type shirts or basketball type sleeveless shirts are acceptable (all players must have the same color and style)
  • During the game, teams will always align on opposite sidelines when not playing
  • Must bring your own ball for your team - Ball Size-current grade- (3rd&4th-Pee Wee Size) (5th&6th-youth size) (7th&8th-Modified size) (JV&Varsity–High School Size)


A.) 25 minute games (with running clock)
     Officials will keep track of the time on their field.  They will announce the time remaining at 10, 5 and 2 minute mark. In case of injury the officials may stop the clock at their discretion. If that occurs the player(s) must leave the field for at least one play.

B.) No time outs. (Exception: Injuries. The game on the Field will halt until player(s) can be            
     removed as soon as safety dictates).

C.) Each game will start as close to the scheduled time as possible. In addition to the game clock,         there will be a STRICT 25 second play clock in effect. Offenses will be given one warning and
      then each violation after will result in a loss of down

D.) 5 minutes between games.
E.) No timeouts will be given​

F.) Teams must be on site and ready to play when scheduled.

G.) If a team(s) are late and cannot start when the game officially starts, they will begin play with
      whatever time is left on the game clock - not to exceed 10 minutes of the game. Forfeit will    
      occur after 10 minutes of the game.

H.) Injury time outs may reduce the amount of time between games to maintain the game    

Field Size:

A.) The playing field will be 40 yards in length plus a 10-yard end zone.

B.) Field(s) will be marked at 20 yard intervals with cones.

3. Moving the ball

A.) All offensive possessions start at the 40-yardline. No matter where the
     defense stops the offense, they take over at the 40-yard line. (3 downs to
     get to the 20 yard line and 4 downs to score from 20 yard line)

B.) Offensive Plays Must All Be Passes! (NO Running)

C.) Offenses always move in the same direction

D.) All passes must be forward. A pass caught behind the line of scrimmage
      must be a forward pass.

E.) Everyone is eligible to receive passes except the center.


A.) Coin flip determines first possession

B.) Possession always begins at the 40 yard line. Hash mark placement of the
      ball will be enforced by officials, in accordance with high school rules, once
      the ball has been advanced.

C.) Offenses can use a center to snap but may not go out for a pass or play
      defense on an interception. If you use another small skill player to snap, he
      must be on a knee (and may not go out for a pass or play defense on an

D.) Play begins when the ball is snapped to the quarterback. Plays end with a
      ONE-hand touch below the neck.

E.) The QB is allowed 4.0 seconds (4.5 for 3rd/4th grade) to throw the ball. The
     Official starts a stopwatch on the snap of the ball from center and stops the
     watch as soon as the QB releases the ball.
                             * If release is under 4.0 seconds, the play goes on.
                             * If the release is not under the 4.0 seconds the play is blown                              
                             * If, the QB releases the ball at about the same time of the 4.0
                                second limit the referee will stop his watch and watch the
                                play continue. If the QB’s release exceeded the 4.0 seconds  
                                than the ball is brought back to the original line of
                                scrimmage with loss of down unless the defense intercepts
F.) Fumbles are dead balls at the spot with the last team retaining possession.

G.) A muffed snap is not a fumble/dead ball. The 4.0 second count remains in
      affect on snaps.

H.) Offensive team is responsible for retrieving and returning the ball to the
      previous spot or the new scrimmage spot in a timely fashion. Failure to do
      so can result in a delay of game penalty.

I.) The center will be responsible for setting or re-positioning the Referee's
    cone at the line of scrimmage. On change of possession, the team moving to
    offense will ensure the cone gets to the new scrimmage line. (centers on
    both teams are responsible).

J.) Defensive coaches must call plays from the sideline. Offensive Coaches can
    be in the huddle or on the field behind the offense

K.) There is no rushing the QB or crossing the line of scrimmage.

L.) *7 Defenders (if you play a 3-3/3-5/3-4 you must declare your 8th player by
      taking a knee IMMEDIATELY on the snap)*

M.) Double passes are NOT allowed

N.) Lateral passes are NOT allowed

O.) Player that falls down with possession is down at the spot.

P.) Defense can play any coverage

Q.) Offense can use any legal high school formation

R.) Substituting players is permitted and all regular substitution rules apply.


  • Touchdown = 6 points
  • PAT’s = take FREE point or go for two from 5 yard line
  • Interception = 3 points (no points for INT on PAT's)
  • Interception returned pass the 40 yard line = 6 points
  • Turnover on downs = 2 points
  • Official score is kept on the field by the official
  • Scores will be reported after every game 
  • Overtime: 1 Play each from 5 yard line – Coin Flip for Possession, repeat as necessary. 
    • If you score, you must go for two from the 5 yard line


  • No blocking or holding – 10 yard penalty and loss of down
  • Illegal motion – 5 yard penalty and loss of down
  • No penalty will be assessed in excess of the 40 yd line. On an unsuccessful or successful offensive play from the 40 yard line resulting in an offensive penalty: The ball will be returned to the 40 yard line and 1st down will become 2nd down; 2nd down will become 3rd down; and 3rd down will result in a turnover.
  • Offensive pass interference - 15 yard penalty and loss of down
  • Delay of game -  one warning, then each violation after will result in 5 yard penalty and a loss of down

  • Defensive Pass Interference - 15 yard penalty and replay down
  • No Blocking or screening on interception – play will be ruled dead if these occur and the defense will take over on offense  
  • Tackling or Shoving – 10 yard penalty and repeat down unless result is a first down (Excessive force by shoving, pushing, or striking a blow could result in expulsion from game if ruled unsportsmanlike & flagrant).
  • The game cannot end on a defensive penalty, unless the offense declines it

Other Penalties:
  • No taunting or "trash talking" -5 yard penalty (and expulsion if flagrant).
  • Unsportsmanlike (player or coach) – 15 yard penalty, loss of down (possible expulsion, at referees discretion)
  • Fighting: the player(s) involved will be ejected from the game and tournament. If a team fight occurs, the teams involved will be ejected from the game and tournament and possibly denied participation in future league play or tournament.
  • *Any excessive yelling/arguing at Referees by coaches - you and your team will forfeit your game and possibly be denied participation in future league play or tournament play.
  • *NOTE: Any flagrant foul can result in disqualification from game, tournament, etc.*
  • Disqualifications from the Game & Tournament are the Referee’s & Field Managers discretion.

7on7 rules