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About Us

       Football has been a big part of my life since I ​​
was old enough to walk. Whether I was playing  at the youth level, high school or at the college level, football has taught me so many things and has developed me into the Father, Husband, Teacher and Coach I am today. Having coached football for over 24 years,  and currently the Head Varsity High School Footbal Coach, I wanted to find another way I could
help to give back to this great game.  
       My thought was to develop something in New York State that could not only help to improve individual football skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere, but 
also give kids more opportunities to develope life skills through football activities. I also wanted to provide an opportunity to help coaches develop their skills as educators and teachers.

       So I developed the NYS Elite Athletics, were we provide  Football Camps, Showcases, Clinics and much more. Check out our entire website to see all our events, as we will be adding more soon.

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about Coach Marean)
Coach Marean is the Head Varsity Football Coach at Wayne High School. He has received many awards over the years; the 2015 Compeer Coach of the Year Award, selected as the 2015 Eddie Meath All star Head Coach, received the 2014 and 2018 Buffalo Bills/National Guard Coach of the Week Award, received the 2013 and 2018 coaches Finalist Award, 2013 Wayne Central Coach of the Year, 2011 Wayne Central Coach of the Year, 2018, 2016, 2011 and 2010 Finger Lakes Coach of the year and 2010 Finger Lakes Officials
Coach of the year.

"I've worked with Coach Marean at the last 2 NYS Elite Athletics football camps & I will say that this camp is a great experience & learning opportunity that players should absolutely take advantage of. Coach Marean is definitely one of the good guys in the area that is trying to give our young players quality with everything he does. I will always be by his side in helping our players get better. NYS Elite Athletics is a top notch organization that puts quality first & that's what our kids deserve."
              - Maurice Jackson, Founder of MJSpeed School and
former Syracuse University,
Buffalo Bills and CFL Football player